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Welcome to the page for NHS Funded Shiatsu

We are pleased to be offering funded sessions of Shiatsu for NHS staff through Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity, this service is being offered to all staff within RCHT Treliske, one session per staff member.

Graig has been offering his services to staff for over a year within sections of RCHT and was given an Honarary contract to work with Critical Care patients last summer, he has over 10 years of experience and gained his MRSS title this year showing his commitment to continued development and focus on the quality of his work. He offers NHS staff a discounted rate at his private practice in Portreath, and within the Trusts hospitals just book in here with a non funded session.

 To book please click on the link below and go to one of the dates I have listed below, next to the dates are the rooms we have booked, if you have queries as to where the session you are attending is being held please email me. Choose a time from the list below or Graig may have to adjust the time slightly (usually 15 mins) after you have booked so that the sessions flow properly through the day emails will notify you of any changes.

9th April, Seminar room 2 Post Grad
23rd April, Seminar room 2 Post Grad.

Session times;
morning                                     afternoon
9.00                                           1.00
9.45                                           1.45
10.30                                         2.30
11.15                                         3.15

 Here you can find the link to book your 30 min session of Shiatsu massage therapy, please include your NHS payroll number in the booking notes when booking .

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