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Phytotherapy is the prescriptive and therapeutic use of plants as Medicine to support the body's physical, emotional and spiritual function. These can be administered as Herbal Teas, to treat Chronic and Acute physical symptoms and can be accompanied with Flower Essences to balance the Emotional states. Essential Oils can also be blended to apply topically to aid healing and recovery in the body. Phytotherapy consists of an initial 1 1/2 hr Consultation then further weekly/ fortnightly half hour consultations to monitor response to Medicines and tweak prescriptions if necessary as the body begins to heal.

1 1/2hr Consultation £55 

Prescriptions vary depending on treatment needed but begin at      £3-50- £5 for Herbal teas per week.

Therapeutic body oils £10 for 50mls and Flower Essences £10.

Further 1/2 hr Consultations £25

Available with Emma.

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