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Reiki is an ancient form of touch healing originating in the Buddhist traditions of the East. It was rediscovered in the early 20 century by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist and scholar who developed the method into a complete practical healing system which can be used on yourself, other people, animals or plants. Reiki can be used on situations or on physical or emotional inbalances. Reiki can be a useful pick-me-up tonic for those living with day to day stress, or to support in ongoing Health.
 Reiki  is given fully clothed on a treatment couch or can be given whilst seated for those who have difficulty getting on to a couch .This gentle energy nurtures your being while clearing negativity and emotional/ physical blockages.Receiving Reiki allows us to connect to our higher selves,inviting the vibrational healing that occurs from Unconditional  Love, supporting our bodies whilst stimulating the flow of energy within our system. Reiki can be given with hands on holding or hands hovering above depending on what is needed.This can be a deeply restorative and powerful experience and works on many levels of your being.
Reiki is an incredible system of healing, open to anyone wishing to learn it. All that is required is the conscious desire to learn the system. Once the student has received the attunements from an experienced Reiki master, the energy will flow easily. Reiki is a simple andeffective method for opening up your innate healing powers, accessing healing on many levels, and gently reminding us of our place within the universe .Attunements come in 3 levels, the first is a set of 4 initiations that open your energy system to Reiki and starts you on your journey.
 In my first degree sessions we cover the history and background of the lineage I'm a Master in, what Reiki is and how it works, how to self treat and Reiki for family and friends. How to re-charge food, water and give Reiki to plants and animals and a nice little Chakra balancing routine for you and friends, and some Meditations. We also go through Ki sensitivity and exercises to enhance your own Ki flow and balance your own chakras these are either the first 4 movements in the 8 brocades (or 8 golden treasures) of Chi Gong or the 5 Tibetan Rites depending on fitness levels and previous experience. Hopefully time and weather permitting we also go and practise out in Nature as the area surrounding us here is full of cliffs, beaches and woods all full of different energies waiting to be explored! You finally get your certificate and a well presented book of all the information you learn to take home and practise with!
The expense of the attunements is more than balenced by the fact you get a wonderful healing therapy that is there for life. These sessions really can be life changing opening us up to the true potential hidden in us all!

Emma and Graig both teach Reiki,their training differs from one another,so please feel free to come along and meet us both.

Reiki Treatments   30 mins £15   60 mins £30

Graig teaches all his attunements at £200 per level, they are all taught over 2 days (sometimes extra if we don't get through the curriculem.....these can be very fluid weekends so expect the unexpected!) Additional morning or day sessions are taught covering other aspects of energy work at £25 per half day

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