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The beauty of Shiatsu is impossible to explain and must be felt, to me the way Shiatsu combines movement, stillness and touch creates a truly unique and deeply meditative experience taking you deeply into the parasympathetic (rest and restore) nervous system where your body can start to heal, relax and let go of unconcious tension and stress. We work with how the story of your life is written in your body and aim to bring more harmony within and an understanding of the patterns of mind body connections. As recommendations after we can use meditation either breath focused or movement based, diet (based on Eastern philosophy) or stretches that help to strengthen and balance your body.
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Although I must stress if you are suffering with pain or other symptoms I advise you to be checked by your doctor first and advise them your thinking of using Shiatsu. 
Shiatsu is performed in a quiet, warm room on a futon or chair with the client fully clothed. The initial session takes 1 1/4 hours and includes a consultation. Further Shiatsu sessions take approximately 1 hour. 

Most of my clients come back regularly as the effectiveness of Shiatsu builds with repeated sessions, 30 minutes every other week works well if there is a specific issue to be dealt with then dropping to an hour or half an hour at monthly intervals at a later date. 
£25 for 30 mins or £40 per hour, however if you are on low income, can't work through illness or an O.A.P please call as we can arrange a way for you to access my sessions.

Please call if you have any questions

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