The Cornish Artisan - Traditional Massage
The Cornish Artisan - Holistic Skincare, Teas and therapies
Massage is an ancient therapy,used in most countries and traditions to deliver the all important healing touch.Different techniques are used with different traditions,Auyrvedic,Thai,Thui Nai,Lomi lomi,Tcm and Swedish to name a few.All have the purpose of bringing about homeostasis within the body,creating balance and in this process encouraging and stimulating the healthy function of the body through increased circulation,stimulation of the lymphatic system and metabolism,relaxation of the muscles and the nervous system and the positive charge given to our emotional bodies helping us to feel good about ourselves,confident,nurtured and loved.Everybody deserves a massage!

My traditional massage is given using either an essential oil blend,or a organic,cold pressed,unrefined sunflower or coconut oil.

90 min treatment includes the face and head  £70
60 min treatment  £60
30 min min back massage £30. 

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